2018-03-02 - Stephen Woodward

Trits vs. Bits: 5-Trit ternary DAC has 8-bit resolution and high PSRR

A high performance ternary DAC implementation from DAC-master Stephen Woodward.

2018-02-22 - Ron Quan

A guide to using FETs for voltage controlled circuits, Part 3

This article on FETs for voltage controlled circuits will cover FET modulator circuits and VGA design via reducing the drain-to-source…

2018-02-02 - Michael Steffes

Active-filter design tools shootout

How far can you trust the various free active filter design tools?

2018-01-26 - Ron Quan

A guide to using FETs for voltage controlled circuits, Part 2

This article looks at applying feedback in basic VCR circuits, and improving distortion reduction circuits.

2018-01-11 - Bonnie Baker

Designing with a DAC: Settle for the best

The most challenging part of designing with a voltage-out DAC is to really know how fast one can run this…

2018-01-05 - Stephen Woodward

Inverted dual-slope ADC boosts dynamic range

Gain five-plus bits of dynamic range by flipping a dual-slope converter on its head.

2018-01-03 - John Dunn

Zero frequency IF

We will look at a mixing arrangement where the local oscillator runs at the frequency of the input signal yielding…

2017-12-20 - Jerry Steele

Simple, precise, bi-directional current source

A bi-directional current source for a grounded load will always have some complication in its construction. The improved Howland Current…

2017-12-13 - Stephen Woodward

Cancel PWM DAC ripple with analog subtraction

Significantly reduce ripple and speed up the PWM DAC with this simple Design Idea.

2017-12-08 - John Dunn

Deriving a rule of thumb

Where did the rule of thumb that the rise time of an exponential curve is 2.2 times the time constant…