2022-03-04 - Bruce Ryan and Nik Rathod

Overcoming constraints in cost-sensitive audio system designs

Constraints inherent in lower cost, thinner audio system designs typically degrade the audio quality, but scalable audio tuning methods can…

2021-06-01 - Susan Nordyk

32-bit stereo audio DAC enables expressive playback

Part of Rohm’s MUS-IC series for high-end audio equipment, the BD34301EKV 32-bit stereo audio DAC enables expressive playback of music.

2021-06-01 - John Dunn

Nature exploits prime numbers to ensure cicada survival

Nature exploits prime numbers to ensure the survival of two closely-related species and the magnitude of acoustic stress that gets…

2021-05-03 - John Dunn

Field coil speakers are still very much with us

You may have thought field coil speakers had gone the way of the dodo, but they are still very much…

2021-04-23 - Brian Dipert

Amazon Echo Dot gets improved sonic performance

What’s behind the improved sonic performance in the third-generation Amazon Echo Dot?

2021-04-14 - Brian Dipert

Digital rights management issues persist

The music industry has largely turned its back on digital rights management, but the TV and movie industries continue to…

2021-03-08 - Richard Quinnell

Analog machine learning helps save power in voice-control systems

Systems that can ignore silence and non-speech sound can save a considerable amount of power compared to always-on wake word…

2021-02-22 - Brian Dipert

The latest on audio compression standards

Two decades ago, the bulk of digital music was either downloaded from a server or ripped from a CD, and…

2021-02-02 - Brian Dipert

Bluetooth receiver aids smartphones without headphone jacks

Cost-effective audio upgrades extend to the Bluetooth receiver product space and are particularly attractive with smartphones that lack headphone jacks.

2021-01-26 - Majeed Ahmad

Audio front-end and wake-word detection: Key considerations in reference designs for Alexa

Here is what developers need to vet while selecting hardware and software development kits for designs built around Alexa Voice…