2021-09-20 - Andrew Wilson

How to choose reliable capacitors for automotive applications

Automotive engineers can review characteristics of the four major capacitor dielectric types: tantalum, aluminum, poly-films, and ceramics.

2021-09-17 - Bonnie Baker

Is hydrogen power an alternative to Li-ion batteries in EVs?

Alternative power mediums like hydrogen address Li-ion recharge/distance ratio challenge as hydrogen recharge time is equivalent to the current gasoline…

2021-09-09 - Susan Nordyk

Dialog acquisition fortifies Renesas core portfolio

With the acquisition of Dialog Semiconductor, Renesas now offers 39 device combinations for IoT, industrial, and automotive applications.

2021-09-08 - Sahana Krishnan

Design considerations for boosting power density in infotainment

Minimizing switching losses and optimizing components for a compact size are crucial in power designs for automotive infotainment systems.

2021-09-08 - Bill Schweber

Tire pressure monitoring system: Is the pain worth the gain

A sensor-based monitoring system can indicate low-pressure faults, but TPMS has its own idiosyncrasies that make reliance on it a…

2021-08-17 - Linda Liu

Emerging automotive in-cabin sensing solutions for safety and comfort

There is still room for improvement regarding the comfort and safety of the occupants in a car.

2021-07-29 - Renesas Electronics Corp.

Renesas expands R-Car SoC family

Renesas' new SoCs add 2GHz speeds, higher application integration, and increased functional safety for entry- to mid-range automotive applications.

2021-07-20 - Renesas Electronics Corp.

Renesas automotive camera solution enables HD video using low-cost cables and connectors

Renesas solution enables cost-effective implementation of numerous safety features in virtually any vehicle.

2021-07-20 - Bill Schweber

AVAS and the dilemma of ‘too good to be true’ designs

Acoustic vehicle alerting system is a classical example of no good engineering deed goes unpunished meets the law of unintended…

2021-07-14 - Kirk Palmer

Design considerations for wirelessly charging EVs

Interoperability, EMC/EMF, and safety are major design considerations for wirelessly charging electric vehicles.