2020-11-17 - Bill Schweber

Battery charging solutions offer EV roadside assistance

Three battery charging solutions address EV driver anxiety by developing portable units for roadside emergencies.

2020-10-23 - Majeed Ahmad

A guide to sensors that complement ADAS, autonomous vehicles

AspenCore’s new book “Sensors in Automotive: Making Cars See and Think Ahead” canvases the vast landscape encompassing radars, LiDARs, vision…

2020-10-23 - Taipei AMPA

Hybrid AMPA Series Show to Highlight Automotive Supply Chain

The AMPA series show kicked off at Taipei this week, providing Autonomous, Connected, Electric, and Shared themes across 9 exhibit…

2020-10-21 - Tahar Allag

EV battery management systems improve safety

Battery monitors supervise voltage and cell temperature in battery management systems for EVs and HEVs.

2020-10-20 - Mark Richardson and Andrew Banks

Development practices and tools can prevent coding errors

Software complexity in embedded designs is driving the need for better development practices and tools to avoid coding errors

2020-10-14 - Giles Kirkland

Intelligent tires implement connectivity to boost safety

Vehicle tires implement connectivity via 5G and IoT links to boost safety and support ADAS and autonomous car features.

2020-10-09 - Stephen Las Marias

Paving the Way to Autonomous Driving with Advanced MEMS & Sensors

STMicroelectronics discusses the different levels of vehicle automation, and how they are enabling the industry on its journey towards autonomous…

2020-10-07 - Donovan Porter and David Lara

Implement auto-addressing capabilities for Bluetooth car access systems

These wired and wireless methods allow designers to implement auto-addressing capabilities for Bluetooth car access systems.

2020-10-06 - Renesas Electronics

32-bit RA6M4 MCUs with Superior Performance and Advanced Security for IoT Applications

Renesas Electronics announced the expansion of its RA6 Series MCUs with nine new RA6M4 Group MCUs, increasing the RA Family…

2020-09-24 - David Adeeb

Wireless charging for EVs could aid adoption

Wireless charging technologies for electric vehicles could deliver ‘power on the go’ and bring an end to range anxiety.