2021-04-08 - Bill Schweber

Use gravity to store energy and release grid-level power

Power system engineers can use gravity to store energy from intermittent renewable sources and release grid-level power.

2021-03-18 - Kenneth Wyatt

Test batteries for radiated immunity issues

Benchtop troubleshooting of radiated immunity issues can be reduced to a few minutes or hours using this powerful technique.

2021-03-09 - Kevin Scott and Sam Nork

Active battery cell balancing

While both active and passive cell balancing are effective ways to improve system health, active cell balancing redistributes charge during…

2021-03-08 - Bill Schweber

Aircraft industry could go green with hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen is abundant and can be used for combustion and in fuel cells, but there are significant challenges in energy…

2021-03-08 - Richard Quinnell

Analog machine learning helps save power in voice-control systems

Systems that can ignore silence and non-speech sound can save a considerable amount of power compared to always-on wake word…

2021-02-09 - Mike Kultgen

Driving Beyond Cobalt for EV Battery Technology

Cobalt cathode cells provide longer-range performance and lower difficulty in charge measurement and management, when compared to other chemistries. However,…

2021-01-27 - Brent McDonald

Comparing CLLLC and DAB power stages for EV onboard chargers

Facilitating the interface between the power grid and the high-voltage battery inside an EV requires an isolated DC/DC power stage:…

2020-12-30 - Hank Cao

How to achieve fast charging with USB PD in portable devices

A reference design comprising charger and controller ICs helps create fast charging solution complying with the USB Type-C and PD...

2020-12-15 - Brian Dipert

Teardown: Dead hardware provides opportunity for Surface RT

Dead hardware provides an opportunity to intimately examine a once-unique, now-trendsetting Arm-based PC: the Microsoft Surface RT.

2020-12-08 - Benabadji Mohammed Salim

Circuit increases overall efficiency of portable datalogger

This circuit was crucial to increase the overall efficiency of a very low-power portable datalogger for long term use.