2022-11-18 - Bill Schweber

Touchscreens defeat CTS

Predictions of a CTS epidemic due to excessive QWERTY keyboard use did not materialize due to widespread adoption of touchscreen…

2022-11-09 - Brian Dipert

Building a personal workstation: Picking up the pieces

This engineer's gamble on an "open box" AMD high-end desktop PC microprocessor didn't pan out for his planned high-end desktop…

2022-11-08 - Bill Schweber

MRI story: Are our celebrity priorities misplaced?

We give considerable attention to Hollywood-type celebrities, but what about giving some to those who really create our technology developments?

2022-10-12 - Brian Dipert

Building a personal workstation: Putting together the pieces

With preliminary discussion of high-end desktop PC building blocks in the rear-view mirror, it's time to install and hook up…

2022-10-11 - John Dunn

Breaking down the impedance of a coaxial transmission line

The impedance of a lossy, very long cable converges quite closely on the value of that cable's characteristic impedance.

2022-09-20 - Bill Schweber

Book review: The evolution of consumer electronics

Tony Fadell's book "Build" provides a sneak peek at consumer electronics design while providing accounts of iPod, iPhone and Nest…

2022-09-16 - Mark Pitchford

The dos and don’ts of remote working

The pearls and pitfalls of working from home as an FAE, technical manager, or technical specialist.

2022-09-12 - John Dunn

A wing and a wire

A discussion on bird-proofing power lines.

2022-09-07 - Bill Schweber

Debugging: Skill, persistence, luck, and discipline

Although skill at debugging is hard to come by, there are sensible "best practices" that can accelerate the troubleshooting process.

2022-09-02 - Brian Dipert

Building a personal workstation: CPU selection

If you've decided to build a high-end computer, you've hopefully already braced yourself (and your wallet) for the requisite incremental…