2021-12-14 - Brian Dipert

Presenting online effectively: Outfitting the home office setup

This engineer follows up on a recent post that gave suggestions on how to effectively present virtually.

2021-12-10 - Brian Dipert

A 2021 technology retrospective: Strange days indeed

John Lennon once sang "Nobody told me there'd be days like these." That sentiment pretty much sums up this past…

2021-12-03 - John Dunn

The diode and the drop test

Semiconductor stress isn't always electrical. No matter their size, semiconductor devices don't like mechanical stress either. Sometimes, one does need…

2021-12-01 - Nitin Dahad

Enabling the hardware for the metaverse

How far are we in creating the hardware and software for enabling the metaverse that leading tech firms seem to…

2021-11-24 - Brian Dipert

A holiday shopping guide for engineers: 2021 edition

It's that time again: if you're buying holiday gifts for techie others (and/or maybe yourself), see what ideas a fellow…

2021-11-09 - John Dunn

Simulation trouble: Bode plotting an oscillator

Using my Multisim SPICE tool to analyze an oscillator, I ran into a little bit of simulation trouble.

2021-10-28 - Brian Dipert

Oh little drone, how you have grown…

Drones are something of a design nightmare: the batteries needed for long flight times add weight that shortens flight time,…

2021-10-20 - Bill Schweber

Good print ads can be mini-tutorials for design engineers

Some ads try to enhance a vendor's image, but ones which are basic mini-courses can be very useful in communicating…

2021-09-17 - Rajan Bedi

Satellite spectrum management and link-budget analyses

Link-budget analysis allows you to specify the performance of receivers and transmitters, and ensure there is sufficient margin between the…

2020-10-08 - Colin Walls

The multicore lexicon: Defining the terminology

Multicore embedded designs are becoming increasingly common. Faced with this technology for the first time, a developer is bombarded with…