2022-12-02 - Cadence Design Systems Inc.

Gear Radio achieves first-pass silicon success using Cadence and UMC certified mmWave reference flow

Gear Radio Electronics successfully taped out an LNA IC on the first pass by adopting Cadence and UMC certified mmWave…

2022-10-26 - Cadence Design Systems Inc.

Cadence design flows now certified for TSMC’s latest N4P and N3E processes

TSMC has certified Cadence's digital and custom/analog design flows for the latest N4P and N3E processes.

2022-10-12 - Cadence Design Systems Inc.

Cadence and Google Cloud collaborating to advance chip design ecosystem

Cadence and Google Cloud are collaborating to accelerate system and semiconductor design with cloud-ready tools.

2022-08-05 - Cadence Design Systems Inc.

Cadence accelerates delivery, enhances quality of Arm memory products

With Cadence Liberate MX Trio, Arm achieved the accuracy and capacity required to address advanced-node memory characterization challenges.

2021-07-26 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Cadence Tensilica DSP supports floating point for optimum PPA

A look at the first DSP family from Cadence Tensilica designed specifically to support floating point arithmetic.