2020-09-29 - Brian Dipert

Obsolescence by design case studies

"Obsolescence by design" encompasses not only hardware and software flaws in devices but also suppliers' reticence to fix them.

2020-09-24 - Paul Miller

Expectations for 5G edge cloud infrastructure in industrial and automotive

The edge cloud is integral to virtual 5G infrastructure design and to operators’ ability to offer high performance services to…

2020-09-16 - Jessy Cavazos

Implementing dynamic spectrum sharing

Dynamic spectrum sharing will enable mobile network operators to expand 5G coverage without having to permanently refarm LTE spectrum or…

2020-09-14 - Lauro Rizzatti, Mika Castren and Ron Squiers

Unified, pre- and post-silicon verification strategy for 5G designs

This unified, pre- and post-silicon verification strategy for 5G designs is based on hardware emulation.

2020-09-10 - Zhihong Lin

Redrivers and retimers maintain satisfactory signal quality

Signal conditioners such as redrivers or retimers maintain satisfactory signal quality and system performance in high-speed Ethernet networks serving data…

2020-08-18 - Lauro Rizzatti, Ron Squiers and Mika Castren

The 5G standard is a leap forward

Learn how 5G will put an end to the congestion and latency issues hampering the aging 4G standard.

2020-08-07 - Susan Nordyk

5G test toolset targets devices that use MIMO

Keysight’s S8707A 5G Advanced Performance Test Toolset enables end-to-end 5G wireless device testing.

2020-08-05 - Kenneth Wyatt

Antenna testing kit to accelerate IoT designs

The IoTest Antenna Test Kit includes several test antennas that can be compared for impedance match and overall performance for…

2020-08-05 - Daniel Browning

Developing open-source smart farming systems

This article explores the challenges that farmers face today, the research project’s findings, and how these findings can help address…

2020-08-03 - Asem Elshimi

Use Bluetooth and RSSI technologies for digital contact tracing

Bluetooth direction finding and RSSI technologies are emerging as solutions for digital contact tracing to monitor the coronavirus spread.