2020-11-12 - Sylvia Lu

5G roll-out: a marathon not a sprint

Although the transformative nature of 5G makes it a potentially disruptive technology, it is clear from the early stages of…

2020-11-11 - Thomas Brand

PoE — Supply of Ethernet Devices Via Data Lines

With PoE, Ethernet devices can be supplied with power at the same time as the actual data transmission takes place…

2020-11-05 - Nitin Dahad

Cutting the complexity of wireless connectivity, co-existence

For designers of wireless connectivity enabled products, there are so many different technologies that it can sometimes look like a…

2020-11-04 - Brian Dipert

Upstream bandwidth in the time of COVID-19

Pandemic-induced desires for faster upstream bandwidth were the fundamental basis for this engineer’s service upgrade odyssey.

2020-11-02 - Jessy Cavazos

O-RAN enables the virtualization of the RAN for 5G

O-RAN brings significant opportunities to network operators, but also spurs new challenges for test engineers.

2020-10-27 - Brian Dipert

Pixel smartphone variants offer better value

With its “a” variants, Google’s seemingly perfected the recipe for Pixel smartphone success.

2020-10-21 - Raúl García-Castro

An IoT ontology for cross-domain smart applications

Building smart IoT applications requires interchanging and using information from others, but also needs to understand unambiguously such information...

2020-10-19 - Brian Dipert

Apple introduces its new Watch, iPhone, and tablets

Has Apple moved away from its longstanding simplicity stance with its latest product updates?

2020-10-15 - Brian Holden and Paul Wilson

Retimers becoming the signal conditioner of choice

As data rates have gone above 10 Gbps, the adequacy of redrivers has abated across many applications, and retimers are…

2020-10-07 - Donovan Porter and David Lara

Implement auto-addressing capabilities for Bluetooth car access systems

These wired and wireless methods allow designers to implement auto-addressing capabilities for Bluetooth car access systems.