2019-10-04 - Sarah Yost

mmWave and OFDM: Is PHY research dead?

Despite the endless 5G hype, we still need work on mmWave modulation.

2019-09-18 - M. Di Paolo Emilio

Low-Power WAN (LPWAN) for IoT long-range communication

With rapidly-growing wireless IoT deployments and the increasing use of existing license free spectrum, LPWAN solutions will experience extensive Quality-of-Service…

2019-09-13 - Jessy Cavazos

5G OTA testing: Key concepts and definitions

Here is what you need to know about test setups as mmWave frequencies bring OTA testing to 5G for everything…

2019-09-03 - Steve Taranovich

Transphorm to develop N-polar GaN for RF/mmWave for DoD

Transphorm will be a production source and supplier of GaN epiwafers for DoD and commercial RF/mmWave and power electronics applications.

2019-09-02 - Brian Dipert

Teardown: Zigbee-controlled LED light bulb

A Zigbee-enhanced LED light bulb yielded plenty of interesting design surprises, but didn't give them up easily.

2019-08-21 - Martin Rowe

Marvin Test, Rohde team up on 5G IC tester

Marvin Test Solutions combines it's DIO PXI products with Rohde's VNA and RF switch to form a complete 5G semiconductor…

2019-07-30 - Martin Rowe

Initial 6G work is underway

Terahertz frequencies will be needed to get wireless data rates beyond 5G. An IEEE paper describes the challenges, both electrical…

2019-07-19 - Jessy Cavazos

5G manufacturing: Overcoming gNB test challenges

Before operators start capturing the new revenue streams from 5G, the industry must tackle what is perhaps the greatest challenge…

2019-07-18 - Larry Desjardin

Does 5G pose health risks? (part 3)

The third installment of a series looking at the issue of potential health risks posed by cellular networks generally, and…

2019-07-08 - James Kimery

What to expect in 5G 2.0

5G 2.0 (3GPP Release 16) will focus on applications, namely enhanced mobile broadband, ultra-reliable, low latency communications, and massive machine…