2021-04-20 - Glenn Weinreb

Make buildings smarter by networking processors with common software

To make buildings smarter, one could place a tiny processor at every location and network them together using common software.

2021-04-12 - John Dunn

Finding extraterrestrial radio signals presents technical challenges

Trying to find extraterrestrial radio signals presents huge technical challenges, one of which is path loss.

2021-04-09 - Jessy Cavazos

3GPP Release 16 will enable 5G to expand beyond traditional communications

3GPP Release 16 brings significant enhancements and new features that will enable the 5G standard to expand beyond traditional communications.

2021-03-31 - Majeed Ahmad

Mesh Fusion provides a single platform to predict EM interactions

Mesh Fusion provides a single platform for IC packages, PCBs, interposers, and any layered or laminated structure to predict EM…

2021-03-24 - Rajan Bedi

Ka-band ADCs and DACs enhance satellite communication

Ka-band ADCs and DACs offer the potential to extend software-defined radio to software-defined microwave for satellite communication.

2021-03-11 - Majeed Ahmad

SiP module targets tracking devices for IoT applications

Miniaturization, localization, and security define the SiP module targeted at tracking devices for IoT applications.

2021-03-03 - Majeed Ahmad

Chip simplifies integration of voice detection algorithms for cloud service

A new chip for voice-enabled designs offers an API that simplifies the integration of voice capture algorithms into different cloud…

2021-01-18 - Richard Quinnell

Module standard simplifies smart sensor design for the IIoT

A new standard defines a small form-factor, microcontroller-agnostic module that can simplify the creation of smart sensors for the IIoT.

2021-01-13 - Roger Hall

5G and GaN: Understanding sub-6GHz Massive MIMO infrastructure

There is a lot of excitement and anticipation for the rapid adoption of 5G, the next generation of mobile connectivity...

2021-01-12 - Jessy Cavazos

5G NTNs expand networks through satellite communications

5G NTNs will boost mobile broadband services, and bring challenges with latency and greater complexity.