2016-05-31 - Robert Buono

Incorporate grounded-switch for Topswitch on/off control

Integrating a couple of components to the control pin of a Topswitch switching regulator enables on/off control.

2016-05-30 - John Guy

Circuit protects amp outputs against over-voltage

Here's a look at an automotive-protection circuit that withstands repeated insults of direct short circuits to the full battery voltage.

2016-05-30 - David Williams

Monitor ac line with isolated circuit

Read about a simple circuit that generates a square wave whose pulse width is proportional to the mains-voltage level.

2016-05-30 - Tews Technologies

Full mPCIe module packs user programmable FPGA

The TMPE633 from Tews Technologies is aimed at industrial, COTS and transportation applications, where specialised I/O or long-term availability is…

2016-05-30 - Marian Stofka

Cut autozero-amplifier noise by a factor of two

Find out how to decrease output noise by a factor of two by simply paralleling four amplifiers of a quad…

2016-05-30 - Microchip Technology

LoRaWAN kit geared for low-power wide-area networks

Each kit includes two Motes (LoRaWAN sensors) based on Microchip’s RN2483 or RN2903 LoRa modules, a LoRaWAN gateway and a…

2016-05-26 - Analog Devices

RadioVerse ecosystem simplifies wireless system design

RadioVerse is redefining radio design at the circuit, architecture, system and software levels to simplify integration and speed customers’ time-to-market.

2016-05-26 - Mikel Choperena

RFID-based sensors function as data source for IoT

Here's a look at wireless and battery-free sensors based on radio-frequency identification technology that can act as a data source…

2016-05-25 - John Dunn

Understanding wet and dry switching

In this article, we provide clarifications on two terms often encountered when using relays for switching.

2016-05-24 - Richard Quinnell

Employ system-wide approach to battery powered designs

When considering a battery-powered design, you need a holistic, system-wide approach that factors in the battery characteristics, behaviour of other…