2017-06-15 - Lauro Rizzatti

Dissecting advantages, challenges of SSD

Take a look at the state-of-the-art in solid state drives and the characteristics that set it apart from HDD, and…

2017-05-30 - Ansys

Ansys bags Samsung FinFET certification

The certification and enablement of Ansys solutions is said to help customers develop robust and reliable integrated circuits for high-performance…

2017-05-26 - Martin Rowe

Linking design and manufacturing

Product engineers play a crucial part in the development of a device. Maxim Integrated's product-engineering lab showcases tasks for which…

2017-05-25 - Vivek Nanda

LabView refresh spawns a next-gen tool

NI has not only updated LabView with a 2017 version but released an "NXG" companion that takes the traditional tool…

2017-05-25 - Martin Rowe

A day in Maxim’s product engineering lab

A day in Maxim Integrated's product engineering lab opens your eyes to the different tasks they perform to make sure…

2017-05-18 - R. Colin Johnson

MEMS tool unifies design, simulation, test

Coventor has merged its Coventor and MEMS+ tools into a unified platform perfect for IoT makers, according to Steve Breit,…

2017-05-12 - Joe Mallett

Why FPGAs are good fit for industrial applications

The overall average lifetime of manufacturing equipment is growing, and designers need to utilise and deploy components that will work…

2017-05-11 - EDN Asia

USB-based spectrum analyser adds built-in bias tee

The TTR500 Series offers a full 2-port, 2-path S-parameter VNA for applications such as measuring passive/active components, antennas and matching…

2017-05-04 - John Dunn

Building a cheap sweep oscillator

The caveat is that the op-amps need 1K pull-up resistors from their outputs at U1 and U4 to the positive…

2017-05-04 - Peter Clarke

RISC-V Foundation clears up Princeton’s ‘100 errors’

A single change to the RISC-V instruction set architecture specification may eliminate the failures, according to the foundation.