2022-01-18 - Leonid Ridiko

Redirecting dynamic indication segment to a separate LED

This Design Idea shows how you can redirect any number of unused segments to external LEDs.

2022-01-05 - Arthur Pini

Measuring exponential time constant using an oscilloscope

Digital oscilloscopes have a great deal of flexibility built in so derived measurements, like time constant, can be made with…

2021-12-27 - Martina Mincica and Alice O'Keeffe

How to successfully calibrate an open-loop DAC signal chain

This article outlined some of the main causes of error in a DAC signal chain, and two methods of calibration…

2021-12-22 - Jeff Radtke and William Ferris

Current transformer as inexpensive, non-invasive timing trigger

Build an inductively coupled trigger with respectable time response using a current sense transformer.

2021-12-09 - Bill Schweber

Cable self-heating: The other side of IR drop

Although often overlooked, the thermal consequences of power dissipation in cables can be a major design issue.

2021-12-02 - Jacob Freet

Two methods for SPICE-based amplifier stability analysis

This article will outline the pros and cons of the two most common locations where engineers break the feedback network.

2021-12-02 - Chirag Swarnkar

Deploying board resource depot for IC firms with global operations

Board resource depot is a cluster arrangement of servers intended to be a shared remotely for the development groups scattered…

2021-11-30 - Don Dingee

Why it’s worth paying some attention to ground for ADCs

A lack of attention to ground is a common problem in the analog world, so understanding principles about ground leads…

2021-11-24 - Jerry Steele

Class-AB current booster provides high output voltage swing

This design enables an amplifier that can deliver higher output voltage swings while still using standard op amps at the…

2021-11-16 - Vladyslav Kozlov

Three ways of looking at a sigma-delta ADC device

The article presents three major design considerations for a ΣΔ analog-to-digital converter (ADC): basics, structure, and accuracy.