2021-10-19 - Paul Slattery

Cost-efficient camera connectivity with Car Camera Bus

Here's a look at the different automotive camera interfaces in terms of cost and performance, and a solution that delivers…

2021-10-19 - Damian Bonicatto

3D-printable oscilloscope probe to wire adapter

This very low-cost oscilloscope probe adapter offers more versatility in probing with less frustration.

2021-10-13 - Mauk Booij

LED status indication battery charger

A low-cost, BQ2000-based battery charger circuit uses two LEDs for status indication.

2021-10-11 - Jerry Steele

Precision clamp protects data logger

A low-cost, precision clamping circuit for data acquisition and sensing applications that need fast, precise, and affordable overvoltage protection.

2021-10-07 - Peter Demchenko

A simple ratiometric technique for measurement of very low resistances

Accurate measurement of very low resistance values can be rather difficult, especially when a large current is involved. Here's one…

2021-10-01 - Dusan Ponikvar

A differential, optically isolated driver for testing of an instrumentation amplifier

In this DI, you will see how optocouplers, operating their linear range, can be used to produce isolated test signals…

2021-09-23 - Thomas Scarborough

RFL-class logic gates

A new class of logic gates offers robust characteristics, low power consumption, and the ability to run on a very…

2021-09-22 - Gavin Watkins

Crystal controlled ramp generator

The ramp generator described here uses a standard 10MHz clock allowing it to be integrated into an existing test setup.

2021-09-16 - K. Bharath Kumar

Using the substitution theorem to derive Thevenin resistance values with SPICE

In this Design Idea, we explore how the substitution theorem of network analysis can been applied to SPICE circuit simulation…

2021-09-14 - Patrick Van Torre

A fully analog electronic dice

Here's a design of a fully analog electronic dice with a limited number of components and can be implemented on…