2017-03-14 - Michael Dunn

DC transformer design spurs debate

A DC transformer design sent by an EDN reader has piqued not only interest, thought and deliberations but possibilities, too.

2017-02-27 - Paul Rako

Sizing up the world’s smallest schematic

While there may be smaller schematics, the Realistic AM/VHF radio has to be one of the smallest meant for production…

2017-02-16 - Julien Happich

LED project develops large-area foil luminaires

A Finnish consortium is integrating the Delphi4LED structure to implement thin, flexible light source for lighting and display applications.

2017-02-15 - Paul Rako

Do’s and don’ts in schematic symbol creation

It's important for other engineers to be able to read your schematic at a glance.

2017-02-15 - Paul Rako

Careful imprinting scheme

Schematic symbol preferences are like musical preferences; they are very personal. It is part of your style as an engineer.

2017-02-09 - Nick Cornford

Multi-decade design simplifies current monitoring

Using a DMM on fixed ranges can be frustrating, but this simple design idea allows current monitoring from μA to…

2017-02-07 - Steve Taranovich

Using magneto-inductive MEMS in smart parking circuit

Magneto-inductive sensors offer a myriad of other possibilities especially in smart parking technology design.

2017-02-01 - T.A. Babu

How to protect boost converters from reverse polarity

A resettable or non-resettable fuse usually protects the boost converter, but it is not always accurate or fast enough.

2017-01-31 - Julien Happich

Researchers achieve colour-changing InGaN LED

Ostendo Technologies’ researchers have achieved tricolour InGaN-based LED design obtained using a common metal-organic chemical deposition (MOCVD) process.

2017-01-26 - Graham Prophet

Reference designs add flight time to drones

TI’s 2S1P BMS reference design turns a drone’s battery into a smart diagnostic black box recorder to monitor remaining capacity…