2019-06-14 - Lauro Rizzatti

AI to Reshape the Semiconductor Industry

It just makes sense that we will find a lot of applications where we can use the power of AI…

2019-05-13 - Keith Sabine, Product Manager, Pulsic

Analog Layout Automation

There has been vast progress in digital layout automation, which has made it possible to develop complex digital ICs quickly.…

2019-04-15 - Robert Schweiger

Smart sensors to improve ADAS designs

By preprocessing sensor data, smart sensors alleviate the power and data rate drain that occurs when all sensor data...

2017-12-25 - Mike Andrews

Portable stimulus in high-level synthesis flow

Portable stimulus helps bring advanced verification capabilities to a C-based high-level verification environment.

2017-11-23 - Christopher Clee, Mentor Graphics

Parasitic extraction at advanced nodes

Solving speed/accuracy trade-offs at advanced nodes remains a challenge.