2022-05-25 - Mark Eslinger, Joe Hupcey and Nicolae Tusinschi, Siemens EDA

The most common problem in functional verification

Blindly combining simulations and formal analysis can fool design engineers in believing that they have made a solid progress.

2022-05-24 - Synopsys Inc.

Synopsys and Analog Devices collaborate to accelerate power system design

Synopsys and Analog Devices are collaborating to provide model libraries for DC/DC ICs and µModule (micromodule) regulators with Synopsys’ simulation…

2022-04-29 - Majeed Ahmad

A look at the impact of Intel’s foundry foray on EDA, IP industries

Like IC design, the EDA and IP industries are an intrinsic part of the IC manufacturing ecosystem spearheaded by semiconductor…

2022-04-25 - Synopsys Inc.

Synopsys launches industry’s highest performance neural processor IP

Synopsys' new DesignWare ARC NPX6 NPU IP delivers up to 3,500 TOPS performance for automotive, consumer, and data center chip…

2022-04-12 - Synopsys Inc.

Samsung Foundry adopts Synopsys and Ansys co-developed solution for advanced-node, energy-efficient chips

Samsung Foundry has achieved high silicon correlation with the jointly developed solution built on Synopsys PrimeTime signoff technology and Ansys…

2022-01-27 - Nexar

SiliconExpert partners with Nexar to address component lifecycle issues

SiliconExpert is bringing comprehensive part data into the Altium PCB design tool workflows.

2021-12-28 - Manu Kumar and Vaibhav Anand

Understanding the specific use cases for Simulink and Stateflow

While both are capable of modelling and simulating a control algorithm on their own, using each of them for certain…

2021-12-15 - Susan Nordyk

CAD models join PCB design platform

SnapEDA's library of CAD models is now part of Nexar's growing ecosystem of cloud-based PCB design tools.

2021-11-30 - Majeed Ahmad

Profile of a traceability tool promising automation in SoC designs

The tool identifies and fixes traceability gaps between disparate systems like requirements, specs, EDA and software code in SoC designs.

2021-11-26 - Ansys

Realtek and Ansys accelerate complex IC design with advanced simulation workflow

Ansys RaptorH detects and reduces problematic electromagnetic interference and slashes modeling time up to 10x.