2021-07-14 - Alex Q. Huang

GaN-based high-power EV inverters

The roadmap to increased power density starts with reducing the conduction dynamic losses.

2021-07-09 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Powertrain technologies for EV – Panel

Three industry experts examined the powertrain challenges confronting EV manufacturers, OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.

2021-07-01 - Vaibhav Anand and Saurabh S. Khobe

Field-oriented control algorithm smoothens EV powertrain performance

Field-oriented control as a motor control scheme is indispensable for EV powertrains because of their noiseless and smooth motor operations.

2021-06-25 - Thomas Lohrmann and Stefan Volkmann

Designing on-board chargers for EVs

In today's electric vehicles, a high power on-board charger is required to charge the large capacity battery pack in a…

2021-06-11 - Vikram Sundaram, Texas Instruments

Battery monitoring is critical for EV safety

The proliferation of e-scooters underscores the need for new battery management schemes.

2021-05-05 - Jorge Vacas

Electrolytic capacitors improve efficiency in EV designs

Hybrid aluminum polymer capacitors leverage ripple current to overcome temperature and vibration challenges in EV designs.

2021-03-08 - Bill Schweber

Aircraft industry could go green with hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen is abundant and can be used for combustion and in fuel cells, but there are significant challenges in energy…

2021-02-09 - Mike Kultgen

Driving Beyond Cobalt for EV Battery Technology

Cobalt cathode cells provide longer-range performance and lower difficulty in charge measurement and management, when compared to other chemistries. However,…

2021-01-27 - Brent McDonald

Comparing CLLLC and DAB power stages for EV onboard chargers

Facilitating the interface between the power grid and the high-voltage battery inside an EV requires an isolated DC/DC power stage:…

2021-01-19 - Charlie Ice

Reducing EMI in high-voltage automotive systems

There are several tried and true techniques for reducing EMI in high-voltage automotive systems and many come with no additional…