2020-08-10 - Nitin Dahad

Adaptive listening sensor ‘learns’ background noise

Piezoelectric MEMS technology company Vesper has announced its next generation microphone based on a listening sensor which ‘learns’ from background…

2020-05-13 - Bill Schweber

Terahertz waves and acoustic modulation: A datalink “Odd Couple”?

Researchers have mixed two radically different forms of energy waves, using laser-generated acoustic pulses to modulate terahertz waves generated by…

2017-08-10 - Paul Rako

Testing the Fluke meters

Making a bad design efficiently is not an optimal business practice. Thing is, engineers value on trusted brands so maybe…

2017-08-10 - Paul Rako

How to deal with battery corrosion in Fluke meters

The 1,000V ratings make the Fluke meter safe to use on higher voltages, but its battery terminals aren't as well-designed…

2017-07-19 - Jay Davis

Tape trick solves hard-to-read parts dilemma

Loose parts in the tool box can be nearly impossible to read, even under bright light and high magnification. To…

2017-07-18 - Murata

Crystal unit claims smallest footprint

The XRCTD37M400FXQ50R0 series is based on Murata's package technology and high grade quartz crystal elements that helps it achieve its…

2017-07-18 - Brian Dipert

Note 7 recall: Samsung’s expensive, enduring lesson

Going forward, Samsung is instituting an eight-point plan in the hopes of avoiding more multi-billion dollar recall and programme cancellation…

2017-07-17 - Paul Rako

Flying car gets road approved in Czech Republic

The GyroDrive combines a gasoline-powered gyrocopter with an electric-powered three-wheel motorcycle, according to Nirvana Autogyro.

2017-07-12 - John Dunn

Multi-layer sheets boost magnetic field blocking

A non-ferrous layer may be copper or aluminium as neither of these materials can be attracted by a magnet, but…

2017-06-12 - KAIST

Parasitic robot steers turtle with snacks

The robot is attached to the animal in a way similar to an actual parasite, and it interacts with the…