2017-01-02 - Michael Jones

Implementing LTC PSM addressing for designing systems

LTC Power System Management devices use an EEPROM along with resistors on pins to set unique address of each device…

2016-12-27 - Gartner

Why VPA is the future of user-smartphone interaction

In the near future, many mobile apps will fade and become subservants of VPAs.

2016-12-23 - Toshiba

Automotive-grade e-MMC devices support instrument cluster

Toshiba’s e-MMC parts integrate NAND chips and are fabricated using its 15nm process technology.

2016-12-22 - Graham Prophet

Flexible circuit bonds fine-pitch ICs to polyester film

By allowing smaller components with tighter pitches, the Solder on Polyester Substrate delivers higher yields and reduces costs, according to…

2016-11-15 - Infineon Technologies

Tx/Rx module utilises 24GHz radar sensors

K-LD2 is one of the smallest (25mm x 25mm) radar transceivers available with integrated signal processing and 80° x 34°…

2016-11-14 - Michael Dunn

Of BLE, apps and ARMduino: A Simblee hands-on review

RF Digital's Simblee is a shortcut, and in short order, you can work up an embedded system that talks to…

2016-11-14 - Michael Dunn

The bad and the ugly: Hands-on review of Simblee

Apart from a thorough clean-up of its documentation morass, the Simblee system needs a much better gestalt explanation.

2016-10-24 - Silicon Labs

Application platform offers mixed C, Java environment

Micrium's µC/OS RTOS runtime components and MicroEJ OS allow device manufacturers to deliver embedded software that offers a richer user…

2016-10-05 - Renesas Electronics

Low-power MCUs support up to 13 sensors

Renesas RL78/G11 MCUs help prototype systems that support low-power sensor hubs and sensor application systems.

2016-10-02 - Xilinx

Xilinx expands FPGA, SoC lineup for industrial IoT

The Spartan-7 family offers a 28nm-based FPGA in an 8mm x 8mm package.