2016-08-11 - Jacob Beningo

Design to manufacture: Arduino for custom-designed electronics

In the second part of the series, Jacob Benigno takes a closer at the Arduino and how professional developers can…

2016-08-05 - Jacob Beningo

Design to manufacture: Prototyping industrial controllers

Join Beningo Engineering's founder - Jacob Benigno as he details the process of prototyping to producing IoT industrial controllers.

2016-07-08 - Synopsys

HAPS adaptor accelerates ARM-based SoC designs

The HAPS FPGA-based integrated hardware and software prototyping system delivers the fastest time to first prototype and supports up to…

2016-06-23 - Steve Taranovich

Quiescent-sensing MEMS mic enables new applications

Vesper has demonstrated the first commercially available quiescent-sensing MEMS microphone enabling acoustic event-detection devices that draw just 3µA in listening…

2016-06-23 - Max Maxfield

Embedded system leverages .NET power to build virtual target

The folks at EmbeddeTech have been developing virtual systems for internal use. Now they are poised to unveil an embedded…

2016-06-16 - Xilinx

Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC to support Android Lollipop

Xilinx’s MPSoC isolates hardware resources to allow a high-level operating system to co-exist with safety critical functions that are run…

2016-06-13 - Thomas Anderson

Employ SystemVerilog for coverage metrics

SystemVerilog provides constructs for design-and-verification engineers to specify functional coverage points—conditions that designers must exercise for complete verification of the…

2016-06-11 - Luca Bruno

MCU drives H bridge to power permanent-magnet dc motor

Here is an alternative circuit that drives only the H bridge's two low-side switching transistors.

2016-06-06 - Gy Xu

MCU programmer taps power from PC’s serial port

Even with the serial port's limited capacity, serial-port power can still be a convenient power source for today's electronics. Here's…

2016-06-02 - EDN Asia

IoT app processor targets wearable, home automation apps

Marvell‘s IAP220 SoC enables the low-power and high-performance computing necessary for many IoT products, and features an ARM Cortex-A7 dual…