2022-09-07 - Patrick Le Fèvre

Alternative energy: What’s coming up in hydrogen?

The creation of Hydrogen Valley, hydrogen corridors and transformation of some industries from conventional gas to hydrogen displays progress.

2022-08-29 - Saumitra Jagdale

Prospects and challenges of SiC in the energy market

High efficiency and chemically inert nature cemented value of Silicon Carbide in power electronics sphere, leading to boom in its…

2022-08-25 - Bill Schweber

Grasping at the battery “identity crisis”

Many consider batteries to be power sources, but they are really just energy storage units that must be replenished somehow.

2022-08-10 - Bill Schweber

Helium shortage: When it’s gone, it’s really, truly gone

Helium is the ultimate non-renewable resource; what will we do when there is no more helium left for scientific and…

2022-07-22 - Dib Nath

Power designers face challenges with the rise of 5G

Power is one of the key challenges for 5G.

2022-05-20 - Bill Schweber

Can electric truck hydropower be used for energy storage?

Storing large quantities of electric energy is hard; is trucked hydropower and regeneration a viable option?

2022-01-18 - Adrian Michael, Vishay Intertechnology

A primer on EV battery management systems

Here is a brief tutorial on battery management system, how charge balancing works in it, and what's required for its…

2021-12-24 - Dr. Ahmad Glover and Cherif Chibane

The fundamental problems with ‘traditional’ power transmission

The growth of touchless wireless power transfer is ushering in a disruptive technology for medium-range and long-range transmission.

2021-12-01 - Giovanni Di Maria

Developing green hydrogen systems with power semiconductors

The production of clean energy is driving many companies and industries toward investments on hydrogen-related research.

2021-11-29 - Thar Casey and Steven Bakos

AI-empowered grids pave the way for second electrical revolution

Solid-state control with embedded intelligence dramatically improves the overall value and safety of the existing electrical grid.