2022-05-20 - Bill Schweber

Can electric truck hydropower be used for energy storage?

Storing large quantities of electric energy is hard; is trucked hydropower and regeneration a viable option?

2022-01-18 - Adrian Michael, Vishay Intertechnology

A primer on EV battery management systems

Here is a brief tutorial on battery management system, how charge balancing works in it, and what's required for its…

2021-12-24 - Dr. Ahmad Glover and Cherif Chibane

The fundamental problems with ‘traditional’ power transmission

The growth of touchless wireless power transfer is ushering in a disruptive technology for medium-range and long-range transmission.

2021-12-01 - Giovanni Di Maria

Developing green hydrogen systems with power semiconductors

The production of clean energy is driving many companies and industries toward investments on hydrogen-related research.

2021-11-29 - Thar Casey and Steven Bakos

AI-empowered grids pave the way for second electrical revolution

Solid-state control with embedded intelligence dramatically improves the overall value and safety of the existing electrical grid.

2021-11-12 - Bill Schweber

Are solar-powered cars the ultimate electric vehicles?

Cars powered entirely by solar cells sound like a dream come true, but physics and power numbers may indicate a…

2021-11-03 - Emily Newton

Novel energy harvesting tech could reshape medical devices

One primary downside of medical devices is that their batteries need replacement or recharging. That may not be the case…

2021-09-17 - Bonnie Baker

Is hydrogen power an alternative to Li-ion batteries in EVs?

Alternative power mediums like hydrogen address Li-ion recharge/distance ratio challenge as hydrogen recharge time is equivalent to the current gasoline…

2021-08-16 - Bill Schweber

Is it again time for the flywheel-based energy storage systems?

Flywheel-based energy storage technology looks very promising "on paper" but has some very difficult issues in practice.

2021-07-26 - Majeed Ahmad

UCAP offers lead-acid alternative to energy storage

Ultracapacitors are moving beyond the status of a component in a quest for new energy storage solutions.