2016-05-30 - John Guy

Circuit protects amp outputs against over-voltage

Here's a look at an automotive-protection circuit that withstands repeated insults of direct short circuits to the full battery voltage.

2016-05-30 - David Williams

Monitor ac line with isolated circuit

Read about a simple circuit that generates a square wave whose pulse width is proportional to the mains-voltage level.

2016-05-25 - John Dunn

Understanding wet and dry switching

In this article, we provide clarifications on two terms often encountered when using relays for switching.

2016-05-24 - Richard Quinnell

Employ system-wide approach to battery powered designs

When considering a battery-powered design, you need a holistic, system-wide approach that factors in the battery characteristics, behaviour of other…

2016-05-23 - Gustavo Castro

Grasping small signal in an analogue system

In this article, we discuss what constitutes a small signal in an analogue system and the implications for some design…

2016-05-17 - Dave Wuchinich

WLED driver operates down to 1.2V supply voltage

This circuit trumps commercially available LED drivers, which bottom out at 2.5V input voltage, by operating at voltages as low…

2016-05-17 - Analog Devices

Power conversion platform targets renewable energy design

The combination of ADI's iCoupler digital isolation technology with the mixed-signal processor design eases system design for power inverter makers…

2016-05-17 - TDK

SMT power inductors support inductance up to 30μH

The ERU19 choke series from TDK boasts saturation currents range from 10.1ADC to 43ADC, and is geared for operating temperatures…