2021-03-04 - Richard Quinnell

Energy harvesting could power the IoT

Energy harvesting is an option that is advancing in capability, opening new IoT options.

2021-03-03 - John Dunn

Studying colonial-era capacitor

Looking at an 18th century capacitor and its application is definitely a study in trailing-edge technology, but it can still…

2021-02-01 - John Dunn

The difference between electromotive force and voltage

Electromotive force and voltage share the same unit, but they are conceptually different entities.

2020-10-30 - Alberto Leibovich and Pablo Leibovich, Dialog Semiconductor

SPWM regulates voltage in DC-AC inverter designs

SPWM is widely used in power electronics to regulate voltage in DC-AC inverter designs.

2020-10-22 - Analog Devices

Powering the world with energy storage technology

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are considered the future of transportation as a green alternative to combustion engines and fossil fuels...

2020-08-31 - Vitaly Goltsberg

Don’t Throw Away Your Smart Meters!

What if there was a way to keep meters in the field longer and only replace the ones that have…

2020-07-13 - Andrew Dereka

Keeping cool with thermoelectric cooler assemblies

With the ability to heat and cool, thermoelectric cooler assemblies deliver precise temperature control in a compact size, while their…

2020-06-30 - Excelpoint Technology

Smart metering technology for energy conservation

The arrival of smart meters can help households monitor electricity usage and reduce energy costs. With an increase in awareness,…

2020-06-10 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Energy harvesting proposed to secure IoT’s exponential growth

Energy harvesting will be crucial to face the challenges offered by the exponential growth of IoT devices.Main challenges include the efficiency…

2020-03-02 - M. Di Paolo Emilio

BLDCs Motor Control Design

The DC motor is widely used in the field of servo automation and robotics. The operating principle of an electric…