2022-10-11 - Majeed Ahmad

eFPGA expands the ecosystem footprint one deal at a time

The eFPGA technology provides SoC developers with a quick and easy way to embed programmable technology into their chip designs.

2022-08-24 - Efinix Inc.

Sony Semiconductor selects Efinix FPGA for HDR camera board

Trion T20's embedded MIPI, integrated DDR3, high I/O to logic ratio, and small physical size make it ideal for edge…

2021-06-02 - Rajan Bedi

Power-distribution solution meets needs of NewSpace applications

A modular 100V power-distribution solution offers benefits to supply the latest ultra-deep-submicron space-grade semiconductors.

2021-05-26 - Victor Wollesen and Eldrich Rebello

SDR enables mechanisms for tuning various frequencies

This tutorial on software-defined radio discusses how it enables specific mechanisms for tuning various frequencies including direct sampling and mixing.

2021-05-14 - Imen Baili

eFPGA core for CPU ISA extension allows designers to respond to changes in the field

CPU extensibility using hardware modules like eFPGA core allows designers to quickly respond to changes in the field.

2021-02-09 - Ronak Dham and Sourabh Goyal

Track issues to ensure that you don’t have to debug them twice

Here is a technique to track issues that engineers commonly face to ensure that they don’t have to debug the…

2021-01-04 - Majeed Ahmad

Develop AI applications without signal-processing expertise

Here is a walkthrough of the AI-driven system design workflow that enables engineers to develop AI applications without signal-processing expertise.

2020-12-16 - Rajan Bedi

DDR4 will enable new applications in the satellite industry

DDR4 will allow the satellite industry to offer higher-throughput on-board processing and increased acquisition times to enable new applications.

2020-10-26 - Majeed Ahmad

AMD acquiring Xilinx to boost data center offerings

AMD is reportedly acquiring FPGA design house Xilinx to boost its server and data center chip offerings.

2020-10-26 - Rajan Bedi

Space-grade FPGAs can be re-programmed in-orbit

Re-programming SRAM and flash-based space-grade FPGAs in-orbit offers flexibility to change functionality and improve system performance in response to changing…