2017-09-26 - GOWIN Semiconductor Corp

GOWIN Semiconductor Corp. Appoints Centron Technology Inc. as distributor in Korea and Announces Business Operation Established in Hong Kong

“We are pleased to introduce GOWIN’s innovative and competitive FPGA products to the Korean market.”

2017-09-20 - Dylan McGrath, EE Times

The U.S., China and the Chip Industry

Beijing cried foul over Trump's decision to block the acquisition of Lattice Semiconductor. It should be prepared for more of…

2017-09-13 - Rick Merritt

AI Chip Rides Novel Networks

BrainChip released what it claims is the first hardware accelerator for spiking neural networks and is working on an ASIC…

2017-08-01 - Microsemi

Tamba Ethernet MAC pushes Microsemi FPGA bandwidth

Microsemi’s PolarFire FPGAs incorporate Tamba Networks' Ethernet MAC to increase bandwidth, while reducing capital and operational expenditures.

2017-07-28 - Imagination Technologies

Imagination updates CPU teaching material

The comprehensive set of materials aims to provide students with all the necessary tools to learn about computer architecture.

2017-06-15 - Analog Devices

Design ecosystem simplifies 5G migration

The RadioVerse ecosystem includes the AD9375 RF transceiver with on-chip digital pre-distortion (DPD) algorithm to reduce DPD power consumption by…

2017-05-12 - Joe Mallett

Why FPGAs are good fit for industrial applications

The overall average lifetime of manufacturing equipment is growing, and designers need to utilise and deploy components that will work…

2017-02-28 - Graham Prophet

Intel Stratix 10 powers FPGA prototyping platform

Assembled with four pluggable Intel Stratix 10 SG280-based FPGA modules, the quad system offers a capacity of up to 80…

2017-02-17 - Microsemi

Flash-based FPGAs pack 12.7Gbps SerDes transceivers

In collaboration with Silicon Creations, Microsemi has developed a 12.7Gbps transceiver optimised to offer total power of less than 90mW…

2017-02-08 - Aquantia

Chip transmits 4K60 video across 10G Ethernet

Aquantia and AptoVision’s single-chip device transmits true 4K60 video via 10G Ethernet networks and standard category cable with zero frame…