2023-01-16 - Mohammad Usman

Testing with SDR-based GPS/GNSS simulators

Simulating complex interference environments in the lab offers a range of clear benefits over live range tests, and makes situations…

2022-12-28 - Mohammad Usman

Implementing SDR-based GNSS/GPS simulators

By building a GNSS simulator with software defined radios, developers can easily perform critical tests needed to mitigate the host…

2022-12-26 - Mohammad Usman

Using SDRs as a GPS/GNSS simulator

Software defined radios offer the performance and flexibility needed to help GPS/GNSS manufacturers test existing equipment.

2021-01-25 - STMicroelectronics

Integrated Impedance-Matching & Protection IC Simplifies GNSS Receivers

STMicroelectronics’ BPF8089-01SC6 RF front-end for GNSS receivers simplifies design and saves real-estate by integrating the impedance-matching and ESD protection circuitry…

2020-12-24 - Victor Wollesen

Satellite navigation and Software Defined Radio

Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) refers to systems that use satellites in orbit to assist earth bound devices in determining…