2021-04-20 - Glenn Weinreb

Make buildings smarter by networking processors with common software

To make buildings smarter, one could place a tiny processor at every location and network them together using common software.

2020-12-09 - Gordon Lee

The importance of real-time clocks in IoT applications

Engineers can use compact, low-power RTCs with integrated crystal resonator in limited board space.

2020-10-07 - Andrea Berry

Intelligent presence detection for commercial building automation

Selecting the right sensors, along with the processors, memory, and timing devices, is key to advancing the capabilities of automated…

2020-07-09 - Bill Schweber

Why I was almost shocked by a small home AC appliance

A simple appliance repair dramatically reminded me of the meaning and importance of a genuine ground for the AC-line connection...

2017-09-13 - Rick Merritt

MCUs Get Expanded Benchmark

EEMBC expanded its benchmark suite for microcontrollers to include peripheral tests.