2019-05-02 - Hailey McKeefry

Thermal Design Trends in Emerging Technologies

A new report reveals the shifting thermal design priorities of design engineers building products that leverage rapidly shifting technologies.

2019-05-01 - Rudy Ramos

Film capacitors: Characteristics and uses in power applications

Learn about the different types of capacitors that might be considered for use in power electronics applications.

2019-04-30 - Kendall Castor-Perry

Passive Filter Design Made Easy

The required selectivity of a customer design implied four-pole filters with about 10% bandwidth (passband width about 10% of the…

2019-04-30 - Abhinav Jain and Atulesh Kansal, NXP

Approaches to Functional Safety in Automotive Design

Learn about basic functional safety, common erroneous states and their detection, and related microcontroller design strategies to implement functional safety…

2019-04-19 - Steve Taranovich

Current Sources: Circuitry and Architecture

Now let's look at a two-transistor current source called a Current Mirror. A small sampling of current source circuitry and…

2019-04-08 - Bill Schweber

Is hand-soldering still needed?

Let’s face it: most components are too small to solder and many ICs simply can’t be hand-soldered due to connection…

2017-08-10 - Martin Brown

How to build your own oscilloscope probe

To view fast transitions, an oscilloscope with at least 1GHz bandwidth is needed. Unfortunately, most commercially available voltage and current…

2017-08-10 - Martin Brown

Noise considerations for DIY oscilloscope probes

Within self-designed 50Ω probes, the effects of transmission lines on measurements need to be considered because every connection creates impedance…

2017-08-10 - Yoelit Hiebert

How to ensure a robust LED lighting design

Robustness testing has recently been embraced by the LED lighting community, as the realisation takes hold that LED-based lighting products…

2017-08-10 - Paul Rako

Testing the Fluke meters

Making a bad design efficiently is not an optimal business practice. Thing is, engineers value on trusted brands so maybe…