2017-08-10 - Yoelit Hiebert

How to ensure a robust LED lighting design

Robustness testing has recently been embraced by the LED lighting community, as the realisation takes hold that LED-based lighting products…

2017-07-27 - Steve Taranovich

TI rolls out scalable power solution for wearables

Reference designs, such as the one introduced by Texas Instruments, enable designers to add their talent and creativity to reach…

2017-07-27 - Steve Taranovich

Using energy harvesting to keep wearables running

A possible design solution uses an inkjet-printed mmWave rectenna which is a rectifying antenna that will convert electromagnetic energy into…

2017-07-27 - Steve Taranovich

Power ideas to spur wearable designers’ creativity

The biggest challenge for wearables has been keeping them properly and conveniently powered, as present designs force the user to…

2017-07-26 - David Levett, Tim Frank, Márcio Sari, Uwe Jansen, Klaus Vogel

Switching patterns, harmonics of Cascade H Bridge

CHB has become a popular topology and is regularly selected by power electronics design engineers for MVDs, not least because…

2017-07-26 - David Levett, Tim Frank, Márcio Sari, Uwe Jansen, Klaus Vogel

Why CHB is popular topology for medium voltage drives

Design engineers have the luxury of several suitable topologies for Medium Voltage Drives (MVDs). Recently, one particular topology, the Cascade…

2017-07-25 - Michael Dunn

Home reflow uses halogen floodlight

A home approach to reflowing boards by David Sanz Kirbis uses a halogen shop as heat source and enclosure.

2017-07-21 - Renesas Electronics

Artificial sensibility reads driver’s emotions

The emotion engine in Renesas development kit uses sensibility technology to recognise emotional states such as confidence or uncertainty based…

2017-07-19 - David Banas

How to run an IBIS-AMI simulation in PyBERT

How much will it cost to have an IBIS-AMI compliant simulator, which is not only free of any licensing costs,…

2017-07-14 - Rayleigh Lan, Antonio Manenti

Frequency-domain analysis for optimal snubber design

Due to space constraints, mechanical limitations or extreme operating conditions, a snubber network is necessary to limit the oscillations created…