2017-06-20 - John Betten

Behind a functional CCM flyback design

In designing a CCM flyback converter, ceramic capacitors alone are suitable, but seven would be required to realise 83µF after…

2017-06-20 - John Betten

How to design a CCM flyback converter

In a 60W flyback schematic operating at 250kHz, the duty-cycle is selected to be 50% maximum at the minimum input…

2017-06-16 - EDN Asia

LabVIEW toolkit powers IoT teaching programme

The integration of myRIO and the PTC ThingWorx online tools connects real-world measurements to cloud-hosted analysis and visualisation via the…

2017-06-14 - John Dunn

How current sensing measures embedded resistance

From a practical standpoint, this concept can be implemented with a current-to-voltage converter and a Howland current pump.

2017-05-11 - EDN Asia

USB-based spectrum analyser adds built-in bias tee

The TTR500 Series offers a full 2-port, 2-path S-parameter VNA for applications such as measuring passive/active components, antennas and matching…

2017-05-04 - Peter Clarke

RISC-V Foundation clears up Princeton’s ‘100 errors’

A single change to the RISC-V instruction set architecture specification may eliminate the failures, according to the foundation.

2017-05-04 - John Dunn

An old dielectric constant cheat sheet

The goal of the cheat sheet is to assist with the use of capacitive sensors to detect the presence or…

2017-05-03 - Michael Dunn

Coping with ‘bad’ neutral

What to do when random flickering lights reveal glitches galore? The solution: scope both phases of AC line.

2017-04-24 - EDN Asia

Arduino e-learning kit offers over 25 experiments

The CTC 101 kit supports programming and mechatronics with five themed modules and reusable parts, allowing experiments to be reconfigured.

2017-04-20 - JR Smallwood

1-bit PROM programmer targets high-current devices

Although most devices use the ROMs in their logic-one state, a programmer is a handy device when programming is required.