2020-07-24 - Bill Schweber

Single-function analog ICs solve problems without giving headaches

There’s a need for single-function analog ICs to crisply solve specific problems...

2020-07-16 - Rajan Bedi

Scrubbing SRAM-based FPGAs to prevent the accumulation of SEUs

SRAM-based FPGAs are increasingly being used in-orbit, and if an essential bit is flipped, the consequences could be catastrophic.

2020-07-09 - Majeed Ahmad

PMIC eases trade-off between power density and energy efficiency

New integrated voltage regulator enables DC/DC conversion without discrete components.

2020-06-24 - Anthony Smith

Create a versatile voltage-controlled voltage regulator based on the LP2951

With the addition of just a single component, this idea transforms a conventional circuit into a much more versatile and…

2020-06-15 - Brian Dipert

Teardown: The router that took down my wireless network

When life gives you a failed router, take the opportunity to tear it apart.

2020-04-20 - Jae Uk Lee, Dr. Ryoung-han Kim, IMEC, and David Abercrombie, Rehab Kotb Ali, Ahmed Hamed-Fatehy, Mentor

Multi-patterning strategies for navigating the sub-5 nm frontier, part 3

Determine the best self-aligned multi-patterning process solution for your advanced node applications.

2020-04-16 - Matthew Ballance

Reuse existing verification assets with the Portable Test and Stimulus Standard

How do we shorten our path to the rich rewards that PSS promises?

2020-01-27 - Rod Metcalfe

Machine learning in EDA accelerates the design cycle

IC designs keep growing in complexity, but AI and ML can shrink design cycles.

2020-01-10 - Vishwanath Tigadi

Macro models let engineers simulate circuits and systems

Mathematical models if circuits and systems give you a head start on developing your products before you're ready to build…

2020-01-01 - Frank Feng and Li Li

Automate ESD protection verification for complex ICs

Take an in-depth look at full-chip ESD protection verification, and how new automated verification tools and methodologies are helping to…