2017-01-04 - Peter Clarke

Europe starts talks to advance micro, nanoelectronics

Five countries, together with relevant industrial partners, are actively involved in developing an Important Project of Common European Interest.

2017-01-03 - Julien Happich

Europe launches GSA-based autonomous driving project

ESCAPE aims to deliver a positioning engine tailoured to meet safety requirements expressed by road transport applications involving automation.

2016-12-13 - Richard Fassler

EPA updated spec targets improved computer server efficiency

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is aiming to improve the energy efficiency of future computer servers.

2016-11-23 - Julien Happich

Sigfox raises $166M to expand global network

The company is also eyeing Industry 4.0 as a key growth path, hence its plans to integrate its data networking…

2016-11-21 - Brian Dipert

Is your core business a sustainable niche?

While you might conclude in the positive, it might be worth stepping away from the day-to-day "firefights" and ask yourself…

2016-11-16 - DDC-I

Cache partitioning enables RTOS safety-critical response

SafeMC’s patented cache partitioning and memory pools facilitate a fine-grained layout of physical RAM that minimises cache effects.

2016-11-07 - Junko Yoshida

Why Comma.ai’s fiasco may upset future of automated cars

Comma.ai’s run-in with the U.S. traffic safety body has revealed weaknesses and unpreparedness of all parties involved in the still-embryonic…

2016-10-26 - Nick Flaherty

Varta customises Li-ion batteries of up to 7,800mAh

The CellPac Blox service offers system designers a range of lithium-ion cells, Protection Circuit Modules (PCMs) and connectors.

2016-10-25 - Fujitsu Laboratories

Fujitsu turns to blockchain for secured data transfer

The technology can restrict transactions based on pre-established policies, such as restricting users to specific stores when sending money.

2016-10-21 - European Telecommunications Standards Institute

ETSI rolls out first spec for next generation IP

The document defines scenarios to evolve the current IP architecture and addresses the technologies that will be embedded in next…