2016-10-13 - Christoph Hammerschmidt

Telstra, Cohda Wireless test V2I apps over 4G networks

Telstra believes its 4G and future 5G networks can play a vital role in supporting the rollout of intelligent transport…

2016-09-11 - Martin Rowe

What comes next for test & measurement?

EDN's Martin Rowe picks the brains of two industry experts on what they think will drive test and measurement in…

2016-09-09 - None

India wants to geo-tag all solar rooftop projects

India wants to install 100GW solar power capacity by 2022, divided between large scale solar of 60GW and 40GW of…

2016-08-29 - None

AI is now helping the Japanese relocate

An automatically evolving AI is trained on the preferences of users seeking to relocate.

2016-08-29 - James Nolan

IoT data architecture: Can you get data out of silos?

In many cases, legacy enterprise IT infrastructure will form the basis for initial IoT deployments.

2016-08-25 - Christoph Hammerschmidt

Delphi, Mobileye kick the pedal for highly automated driving

The central pillars of Mobileye’s product strategy are the EQ4/5 platforms that generate 360° awareness for the car.

2016-08-22 - Velodyne

Ford, Baidu bankroll LiDAR sensor tech acceleration

The investment will allow Velodyne to rapidly expand the design and production of high performance, cost effective automotive LiDAR sensors.

2016-08-10 - Analog Devices

D/A converter ensures less than 300ns frequency hopping

With its audio to 6GHz frequency coverage, the AD9164 D/A converter moves the tester market one step closer to a…

2016-08-10 - Integrated Device Technology

IDT’s Penang site gets certified for auto-component mfg

The new Penang automotive backend production floor joins the IDT Automotive Centre of Excellence of ZMD AG in Germany.

2016-08-08 - None

Nanoscale secrets of rechargeable batteries revealed

By visualising the fundamental building blocks of batteries, a team has illuminated a process that is far more complex than…