2017-08-14 - Sanmina

NVMe fabric storage delivers 15M IOPS, 75GB/s

Unlike traditional all-flash arrays, the non-blocking NDS22482F is connected to switched fabrics using six 100Gb PCIe over Ethernet links.

2017-07-27 - Martin Rowe

Thermocouple data logger offers 16 inputs

The WebDAQ-316 from Measurement Computing measures temperature on as many as 16 J, K, T, E, N, B, R or…

2017-07-27 - Lars Lydersen

Tackling the challenge of securing wireless links

Bad press and major security and privacy issues slow down the adoption of IoT. And given the highly publicised hacks…

2017-07-27 - Lars Lydersen

Commissioning schemes in IoT protocols

The crux of securing a wireless link is to distribute the link key. This typically happens during the commissioning step,…

2017-07-21 - Renesas Electronics

Artificial sensibility reads driver’s emotions

The emotion engine in Renesas development kit uses sensibility technology to recognise emotional states such as confidence or uncertainty based…

2017-07-19 - David Banas

How to run an IBIS-AMI simulation in PyBERT

How much will it cost to have an IBIS-AMI compliant simulator, which is not only free of any licensing costs,…

2017-07-13 - Jeff Viola

Selecting sensors for automotive systems

Being labelled as 'automotive qualified' does not guarantee a device's suitability for every automotive application. Specifications, quality processes and test…

2017-07-05 - Brian Dipert

RF interference: LG display vs router

As various electronic devices infiltrate our homes, we may hear more reports of these devices malfunctioning because of destructive RF…

2017-07-05 - EDN Asia

26-bit ADC boosts CT scan resolution

The AS5900 detector interface chip allows as few as 3,200 electrons for a full-scale range at an input current of…

2017-07-04 - Gore

VNA upgrade meets 60GHz-70GHz requirements

Gore claims that its 70GHz assemblies have a rugged, lightweight construction that extends service life, reduces downtime and lowers operating…