2017-01-13 - Infineon Technologies

LED drivers support high-power, high-current apps

Litix drivers allow cost-optimised full-LED front light applications for cars and motorcycles with space limitations in the handlebar’s headlamp.

2017-01-10 - Mark Thomas

Why IoT trumps native versus web apps debates

Instead of wasting time debating web apps versus native, the industry could be making progress towards convergence, particularly in the…

2017-01-10 - Renesas Electronics

Prototype ECU targets automated driving systems

The highly automated driving platform has been developed based on an ASIL-D functional safety concept.

2017-01-09 - Gary Yu

Utilising Stratix IV interface in 14-bit ADC

The Stratix GX device includes a built-in serialiser/deserialiser circuit that supports high speed LVDS interfaces at data rates of up…

2017-01-06 - Julien Happich

Zigbee’s dotdot language targets wider IoT network

dotdot is an open, mature technology supported by the Zigbee Alliance’s 400+ strong global membership and a diverse supply chain.

2016-12-31 - Brian Dipert

Why testing software ensures successful user experience

A bogus controller-not-present message and the downloads it precluded from proceeding may frustrate an average user.

2016-11-25 - Paul Rako

Easily isolate circuits with optical fibre

You never regret adding isolation between your circuits. And that is true not just for power supplies, but for isolating…

2016-11-25 - Paul Rako

Versalink vs MIDI for optical isolation

Don’t discount physical connections. While wireless technology is ascendant, it can never be as reliable or as secure as a…

2016-11-16 - Ams AG

Evaluation kit features humidity, temperature sensor

The CCS811-LG_EK_ST kit combines two environmental sensors from Ams: the CCS811 and the ENS210.

2016-11-14 - Michael Dunn

Of BLE, apps and ARMduino: A Simblee hands-on review

RF Digital's Simblee is a shortcut, and in short order, you can work up an embedded system that talks to…