2020-10-29 - Richard Quinnell

Emerging standard defines IoT security requirements

An emerging standard from the ETSI is defining a baseline security requirement for consumer IoT designs.

2020-10-28 - Ludovic Rembert

Making agriculture sustainable with AI and IoT

The integration of AI and the IoT with conventional farming practices provide an opportunity to bring agriculture into the digital…

2020-10-27 - Mohammed Billoo

Doing more with your Docker container

Setting up a server is a daunting task. The appropriate dependencies for a particular application must be satisfied. Sometimes, exact…

2020-10-21 - Raúl García-Castro

An IoT ontology for cross-domain smart applications

Building smart IoT applications requires interchanging and using information from others, but also needs to understand unambiguously such information...

2020-10-14 - Giles Kirkland

Intelligent tires implement connectivity to boost safety

Vehicle tires implement connectivity via 5G and IoT links to boost safety and support ADAS and autonomous car features.

2020-10-13 - Nitin Dahad

New concepts in an IoT world: datafication and edge autonomy

Datafication and edge autonomy are going to become megatrends in the IoT-driven age of data.

2020-10-06 - Renesas Electronics

32-bit RA6M4 MCUs with Superior Performance and Advanced Security for IoT Applications

Renesas Electronics announced the expansion of its RA6 Series MCUs with nine new RA6M4 Group MCUs, increasing the RA Family…

2020-10-05 - Richard Quinnell

Device monitoring can help IoT systems maintain security

Use of device monitoring can help IoT systems to maintain their security throughout their installed life, even as threats continue…

2020-09-23 - Richard Quinnell

End-to-end security remains a challenge in IoT development

Ensuring end-to-end security of data flow in the IoT remains an essential, and still unsolved, challenge that is hindering development.

2020-09-21 - EverFocus Electronics

AI Powered Safety Booster

EverFocus’ AI powered prison solution integrates management platforms via liaising the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, Microsoft® Azure™ IoT…