2021-01-26 - Richard Quinnell

Security for IoT designs is becoming a legal requirement

Legislative activities are starting to make security a legal requirement for consumer IoT designs.

2021-01-19 - Haydn Povey

Connected devices security legislation outlook for 2021

This article aims to offers some insights and predictions about how legislation and technology will impact security in connected devices…

2021-01-12 - Richard Elberger

Facilitating IoT provisioning at scale

Whether you’re looking to design a new device or retrofitting an existing device for the IoT, you will need to…

2021-01-05 - Kaushal Naik

How 5G, IoT & AI redefine the in-store retail transformation

The role of retail stores has changed at an unprecedented rate. Customers prefer buying things online than offline as they…

2020-12-31 - Richard Quinnell

LoRa developments promise to further the protocol’s adoption

New specifications and devices can help increase the momentum of LoRa adoption.

2020-12-28 - Majeed Ahmad

Device identifier claims to stop MAC address abuses

A network-centric device identifier claims to provide an answer to MAC address abuses in Wi-Fi networks.

2020-12-25 - Asem Elshimi

Thread network simplifies development of IoT devices for smart homes

Thread network simplifies development of IoT devices for smart homes

2020-12-18 - Gordon Lee

Temperature compensation is crucial in real-time clocks

Temperature fluctuation is a significant cause of frequency drift of crystal, and that makes temperature compensation crucial in RTCs.

2020-12-09 - Gordon Lee

The importance of real-time clocks in IoT applications

Engineers can use compact, low-power RTCs with integrated crystal resonator in limited board space.

2020-12-08 - Richard Quinnell

AI provides IoT device security for unknown cyber threats

Machine learning helps devices identify their own anomalous behavior.