2021-01-18 - Yoelit Hiebert

LED lighting to minimize the negative impacts of light pollution

Light pollution can result in significant negative impacts, especially to wildlife and vegetation.

2020-11-20 - Jeff Davis, Intertek

Design germicidal products for healthcare, air filtration

Light source, safety, and ozone emissions are major factors that engineers designing germicidal products must consider.

2020-11-19 - Yoelit Hiebert

Fin-based LED chip architecture could improve efficiency

The fin-based LED chip architecture could be a game-changer in terms of device efficiency.

2020-11-09 - Infineon Technologies

Digital high power factor XDP controller for cost-effective flyback LED drivers

Infineon Technologies introduces the XDP digital power XDPL8219

2020-11-05 - John Dunn

LED street-light installations have deficient design

We have seen street lighting technology evolve, but not always to public benefit. These recently-installed LED street lights created a…

2020-10-09 - Jordan Dimitrov

Battery monitor will help prevent excessive drain

This simple battery monitor employs a blinking LED that serves as a state-of-health indicator.

2020-07-29 - Global Market Insights

Adoption of Li-Fi systems set to grow

The growing adoption of Li-Fi systems across the education sector is anticipated to propel the global Li-Fi market share over…

2020-07-24 - Susan Nordyk

Infrared LED packs high optical power in a tiny footprint

Osram’s Oslon Piccolo infrared LED packs high optical power in a tiny footprint for automotive interior applications like gesture control.

2020-07-14 - Yoelit Hiebert

Artificial lighting disrupts wildlife

Artificial lighting results in behavior disruption, injury, and death to thousands of animals each year.

2020-07-02 - Robert Heider

Should you use a 555 or a Schmitt trigger?

Which should be used, the 555 or the Schmitt trigger? It depends.