2021-03-19 - Richard Quinnell

Organic light cell harvests indoor lighting

An organic light cell is now available that can glean power from lighting as low as 20 Lux, opening the…

2021-03-18 - Yoelit Hiebert

LEDs being used in health-related applications

Here are a few examples of LEDs being used as part of new developments in health-related applications.

2021-03-10 - Jason Ngai

LED boost devices improve display efficiency

New LED boost devices lower form factor, operating temperature, and EMI for LCD panels serving mobile computing applications.

2021-03-09 - Stephen Woodward

Circuit powers off optical reflex sight automatically

This Design Idea presents an improved version of the automatic brightness adjustment circuit used in optical reflex sights.

2021-02-23 - Brian Dipert

Dash cam teardown reveals feature set discrepancies

This dash cam teardown reveals some feature set discrepancies; were they the result of an honest mistake or creative marketing?

2021-02-04 - Peter Demchenko

Design protects transistors and load from large through current

This amplifier circuit protects the output transistors and the load from a large uncontrollable through current.

2021-01-18 - Yoelit Hiebert

LED lighting to minimize the negative impacts of light pollution

Light pollution can result in significant negative impacts, especially to wildlife and vegetation.

2020-11-20 - Jeff Davis, Intertek

Design germicidal products for healthcare, air filtration

Light source, safety, and ozone emissions are major factors that engineers designing germicidal products must consider.

2020-11-19 - Yoelit Hiebert

Fin-based LED chip architecture could improve efficiency

The fin-based LED chip architecture could be a game-changer in terms of device efficiency.

2020-11-09 - Infineon Technologies

Digital high power factor XDP controller for cost-effective flyback LED drivers

Infineon Technologies introduces the XDP digital power XDPL8219