2017-06-27 - Rick Merritt

China drives growth in hardware start-ups

After outpacing the U.S. in the size of early venture rounds for hardware start-ups, China is set to surpass Japan…

2017-06-22 - EDN Asia

Embedded SRAM achieves low standby power

By applying a reverse bias for standby mode the leakage current is reduced by three orders of magnitude to 13.7nW/Mbit,…

2017-06-16 - EDN Asia

Arrow drone gives birds-eye view of warehouse ops

The project combines drone technology, proprietary video technology and a rapid-improvement methodology to observe Arrow's warehouse operations.

2017-05-30 - Ansys

Ansys bags Samsung FinFET certification

The certification and enablement of Ansys solutions is said to help customers develop robust and reliable integrated circuits for high-performance…

2017-05-29 - University of Michigan

Green tech grows crystalline semiconductors

A team has found a way to produce semiconductors without using high temperatures and complex machinery, providing a more environment-friendly…

2017-05-23 - Infineon

Infineon begins full-SiC module production

The 1.2kV SiC MOSFETs have lower failure in time rate and short-circuit capability that can be adapted to different applications.

2017-05-17 - Hayley Dunning

Atomic-scale design stabilises next-gen solar cells

The discovery of how new solar cells breakdown has paved the way for scientists to design devices with improved stability.

2017-05-10 - EDN Asia

Cloud-based system automates 3D printing

Commercially launched last April, the printer is now used at more than 100 businesses and schools, primarily as an education…

2017-05-09 - EDN Asia

PowerPoint, projector create self-folding origami

Researchers have found a new use for the ubiquitous PowerPoint slide: Producing self-folding 3D origami structures from photocurable liquid polymers.

2017-05-02 - R. Colin Johnson

Silicon anode holds key to solid state batteries

A silicon anode eliminates the need for a liquid electrolyte and has less of a reaction to air and moisture…