2017-01-04 - Peter Clarke

Europe starts talks to advance micro, nanoelectronics

Five countries, together with relevant industrial partners, are actively involved in developing an Important Project of Common European Interest.

2017-01-02 - RS Components

Extended axial fan kit range adds 230V AC models

The fan kits consist of an AC axial fan along with the power lead as standard and either a wire…

2016-12-29 - Martin Rowe

Are engineers driving job losses?

Robots can do some things that would be difficult, dangerous or simply impossible for people to do.

2016-12-23 - Toshiba

Automotive-grade e-MMC devices support instrument cluster

Toshiba’s e-MMC parts integrate NAND chips and are fabricated using its 15nm process technology.

2016-12-23 - Graham Prophet

Igus brings the AllSpark to robotic arms

RS Components has introduced two robot arm construction kits that allow the use of four axes, four degrees of freedom,…

2016-12-22 - 3D Systems

Software boosts 3D printing productivity

3D Sprint 2.0 streamlines printing workflows by reducing the need for users to divide projects among multiple software programs.

2016-12-14 - IDC

IDC: Robots gearing to take over jobs race by 2020

IDC has forecasted that robotics is set to accelerate the talent race, potentially leaving 35% of robotics-related jobs vacant by…

2016-12-09 - Tokyo Institute of Technology

3D solutions save energy in silicon power transistors

Researchers at Tokyo Tech demonstrate how to save energy in a low price silicon power transistor structure by scaling down…

2016-12-07 - Ams AG

0.30µm process targets ultra-low noise sensing apps

The A30 process features include isolated 3.3V devices, isolated 3.3V low Vt devices and vertical bipolar transistors.

2016-12-07 - Paul Dillien

Embedding FPGA fabric into SoC: A marriage made in heaven

So what could possibly go wrong? The first obstacle is that the FPGA fabric must be supported on the chosen…