2016-11-21 - Brian Dipert

Is your core business a sustainable niche?

While you might conclude in the positive, it might be worth stepping away from the day-to-day "firefights" and ask yourself…

2016-10-31 - Julien Happich

Nanowire-based LED fills green-yellow gap

The method reduces the blue-intensity of white lights, creating an eye-friendly warmer white.

2016-10-31 - Bill Schweber

Beyond buttons and coin cells: How small can you go?

It is time to move on beyond buttons and coin cells, which have started becoming too large for the latest…

2016-10-26 - Nick Flaherty

Varta customises Li-ion batteries of up to 7,800mAh

The CellPac Blox service offers system designers a range of lithium-ion cells, Protection Circuit Modules (PCMs) and connectors.

2016-10-24 - Gary Hilson

USB 3.0 flash drive integrates built-in Wi-Fi network

The iLuun Air's multi-platform wireless streaming enables users to share content and media on up to six devices simultaneously.

2016-10-20 - Graham Prophet

ITU-approved charger standard covers laptops, portables

Recommendation ITU-T L.1002 provides for improved energy efficiency and is expected to lead to significant reductions in e-waste.

2016-10-19 - Larry Desjardin

Cracking iPhone 5c using pluggable flash memory

Armed with only a 1GHz mixed-signal oscilloscope and an 500MHz logic analyser, the researcher manages to decipher the protocols.

2016-10-17 - Graham Prophet

Tech raises Li-ion battery capacity by 50%

The technology replaces graphite anode with a pure silicon anode, increasing the storage capacity of the lithium-ion battery by a…

2016-10-04 - Julien Happich

TSMC builds up R&D capacity for 3nm

TSMC is staffing up its R&D effort in significant numbers to develop 5nm and 3nm process technologies.

2016-09-15 - Christoph Hammerschmidt

No assembly required for this compact 3D printer

The 3D printer is 30% more compact in size and connects to its environment through a Wi-Fi interface.