2022-11-23 - Andrew Bryars

The role of GaN in home healthcare market

As additional features are added to the latest home health-care devices, there is an increasing requirement for more power to…

2022-06-07 - Würth Elektronik

Würth Elektronik and Valens Semiconductor reference design enables high-resolution medical imaging

Würth Elektronik and Valens Semiconductor have developed a reference design that enables high-resolution medical imaging.

2022-05-20 - Smiths Interconnect

Driving the value revolution in the medical market, focusing on reduced production cost and low cost of ownership

The continued need to evolve and develop smarter solutions has driven exciting new innovations that are reducing the cost-per-therapy in…

2022-05-05 - P-DUKE

P-DUKE launches highly reliable 2W medical-grade DC/DC converters

P-DUKE's new 2W medical-grade DC/DC converters come in a compact SIP-8 package.

2021-11-03 - Emily Newton

Novel energy harvesting tech could reshape medical devices

One primary downside of medical devices is that their batteries need replacement or recharging. That may not be the case…

2021-10-22 - ACN Newswire

Universities, DENSO Develop Biosensor to Detect COVID-19

Three Japanese universities and Denso have succeeded in developing a biosensor for detecting coronavirus.

2021-08-20 - Sheena Patel

Training an algorithm to detect and prevent early blindness

This article provides a walkthrough of the steps needed to quickly train an algorithm to detect diabetic retinopathy and prevent…

2021-08-13 - Robert Finnerty

How to design a better pulse oximeter: Specifications

It is more important than ever to design medical devices that are more convenient to use and consume less power.

2021-06-22 - Robert Heider

Fixing a quantization error for a micro encapsulation product

The signal used to control the mass flow rate of a machine in a micro encapsulation process sets the output…

2021-05-27 - Susan Nordyk

Three-axis linear accelerometer optimizes resolution and power consumption

A three-axis linear accelerometer, ST's AIS2IH switches between its five operating modes on-the-fly to optimize resolution and power consumption.