2016-12-22 - Graham Prophet

Flexible circuit bonds fine-pitch ICs to polyester film

By allowing smaller components with tighter pitches, the Solder on Polyester Substrate delivers higher yields and reduces costs, according to…

2016-12-21 - On Semiconductor

DSP-based SoC adds BLE to hearing aids

The module integrates an audio DSP, EEPROM memory and a radio IC into a single package, according to On Semiconductor.

2016-12-20 - Michael Dunn

Affordable medtech devices to make their mark in 2017

Michael Dunn sums up medtech products that could be 2017 newsmakers, including Qualcomm's version of the *tricorder* from *Star Trek*.

2016-12-19 - Hitachi

Hitachi chip extracts mRNA, analyses cancer cells

The 1mm² chip can analyse and extract small amounts of mRNA, suitable for analysis of cancer tissue.

2016-12-16 - Kyocera

Optical sensor measures blood flow in your ears

Kyocera has shrunk an optical blood-flow sensor to fit wearables and mobile devices.

2016-12-15 - Semtech

Semtech brings wireless charging to industrial setting

Semtech's LinkCharge 20 Series evaluation platforms allow you to test wireless charging in industrial applications.

2016-12-07 - Ams AG

0.30µm process targets ultra-low noise sensing apps

The A30 process features include isolated 3.3V devices, isolated 3.3V low Vt devices and vertical bipolar transistors.

2016-12-06 - AVX

AVX’s MLCCs toughen up for medical applications

Less than an inch small and stabilising up to 500V rated voltage, the MM series MLCCs can take on various…

2016-12-06 - National Instruments

Tool detects Ebola, anthrax in under 7 minutes

Fastgene detects any pathogenic agent in a drop of blood or saliva.

2016-11-15 - Steve Taranovich

AT&T rolls out LTE-M network to support IoT connectivity

LTE-M is essentially a low-power, wide-area technology that can support the IoT with such technology that will foster lower device…