2016-11-09 - ams AG

Sensor IC provides up to 70°C temperature output

The ENS210 draws just 40nA in stand-by mode and 7.1µA in active measurement mode (sampling at 1Hz).

2016-11-04 - Maxim Integrated Products

Sensor platform reduces design time for health apps

The hSensor platform includes an hSensor board, complete firmware with drivers, a debugger board and GUI.

2016-10-31 - Bill Schweber

Beyond buttons and coin cells: How small can you go?

It is time to move on beyond buttons and coin cells, which have started becoming too large for the latest…

2016-10-28 - Fujitsu

4Mbit ReRAM reads using 0.2mA

Fujitsu claims the MB85AS4MT is not only the highest density ReRAM but that it consumes the least power for read…

2016-10-17 - Patrick Mannion

5 unique MEMS and sensor tech to watch

A ToF range sensor for VRs, a phone case and a gas sensor are a few of the hot technologies…

2016-10-02 - Julien Happich

IC-based sensor measures heart rate, pulse oximetry

The heart rate and oxygen level monitoring is achieved through the transmission and detection of green and red light.

2016-09-19 - Patrick Mannion

Tele-haptics close the ‘feel’ gap

Good tele-haptics go way beyond force-feedback or the tiny motors generating the tiny vibration we get on our phones.

2016-08-08 -

Coming soon: Battery that self-destructs in minutes

A self-destructing, lithium-ion battery delivers 2.5V and dissolves when dropped in water.

2016-08-04 - None

Engineered silicon particles create unique biointerfaces

To make the particles, researchers fill the beehive structure of synthetic silicon dioxide with semiconductive silicon

2016-07-28 - China Academy of Engineering Physics

Terahertz lasers beef up to reach record 230mW output

The ability to produce and control terahertz waves has lagged behind technology for radio, microwave and visible light.