2021-02-19 - Richard Quinnell

Vaccination program architecture provides lessons for data processing

A vaccination program shows how a pipeline/parallel hybrid architecture can provide lessons that apply to data processing as well.

2020-12-23 - Bill Schweber

Unique technique transfers power to medically-implanted device

Researchers have developed a technique to transfer power to a neural stimulator.

2020-12-18 - Gordon Lee

Temperature compensation is crucial in real-time clocks

Temperature fluctuation is a significant cause of frequency drift of crystal, and that makes temperature compensation crucial in RTCs.

2020-12-17 - Colin Walls

Harnessing emergent opportunities and challenges for medical embedded applications

Demand for medical care and, hence, for all the equipment that enables the care to be delivered, has been rising…

2020-12-10 - Majeed Ahmad

Container employs active deep-freeze technology to transport COVID-19 vaccines

A prototype container employs active deep freeze technology to ensure safe and controlled transport and storage of COVID-19 vaccines to…

2020-12-09 - Gordon Lee

The importance of real-time clocks in IoT applications

Engineers can use compact, low-power RTCs with integrated crystal resonator in limited board space.

2020-11-16 - STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics Works with Alifax on Rapid, Cost-Efficient PoC Medical Testing

STMicroelectronics and Alifax S.r.l have worked together on a rapid, cost-efficient portable solution for point-of-care (PoC) molecular diagnostic detection...

2020-11-04 - Analog Devices, Inc.

The Personal Impact of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Technology

ADI is answering our questions with breakthrough technology embedded in a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device...

2020-09-14 - Majeed Ahmad

AI virtual assistant provides temperature scans

An AI virtual assistant has enabled a museum to reopen for visitors by providing contactless check-in and temperature scans.

2020-09-07 - Richard Quinnell

Touchless control panels for avoiding contaminated surfaces

Design engineers are leveraging existing wireless and sensor technologies to create solutions for avoiding contaminated surfaces in elevators and kiosks.