2023-02-20 - Brian Dipert

Benchmarking memory on an inexpensive PC

How do system memory speed, per-module capacity, and total system capacity affect PC performance results? The answer, as always, is…

2022-10-25 - Katrin Zinn

Why flash controllers are needed in medical security

Flash storage for medical devices must provide error-free operation with the ability for firmware updates to ensure continued security.

2022-10-10 - Rajan Bedi

Comparing space-grade memory technologies

Satellite and spacecraft sub-systems are increasingly using more and more on-board storage, and the choice of memory has a major…

2022-08-23 - Sandeep Krishnegowda

The case for de-integrating embedded Flash

When Flash is external to the SoC, memory is no longer a limiting factor. Developers can select a best-in-class SoC…

2022-08-05 - Microchip Technology Inc.

Microchip launches CXL Smart Memory Controllers for datacenter computing

Microchip's SMC 2000 family delivers DDR memory bandwidth, capacity expansion, reliability, and media flexibility for next-generation CPUs and SoCs.

2022-08-05 - Majeed Ahmad

What CXL 3.0 specification means for data centers

The CXL 3.0 specification provides a range of advanced features and benefits, including doubling bandwidth with the same latency.

2022-07-27 - STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics launches serial page EEPROM

STMicroelectronics' Serial Page EEPROM is a high-density, page-erasable SPI memory that delivers unique and unprecedented flexibility and performance with ultra-low…

2022-07-21 - Rambus Inc.

Rambus expands portfolio of DDR5 memory interface chips for data centers, PCs

Rambus has expanded its DDR5 memory interface chip portfolio with the addition of the Rambus SPD Hub and Temperature Sensor.

2022-07-14 - Linus Wong and Wilson Yen

How NOR flash helps overcome design challenges in wearables

Memory is a key design factor in enabling innovative new features and functionalities in ultra-compact wearable and hearable devices.

2022-07-13 - Majeed Ahmad

Why Nordic Semi is acquiring an embedded memory supplier

The MCUs and SoCs serving IoT applications are getting bigger and smarter and embedded memory has become a vital ingredient…