2022-09-05 - Majeed Ahmad

MEMS device aims to replace microphone arrays

The microphone inherently eliminates unwanted noise at the hardware level with a highly directional pickup pattern.

2021-07-09 - Bill Schweber

MEMS plus photonics: The next big thing in sensors?

Researchers are combining MEMS technology with photonics to build advanced devices that exhibit outstanding sensing capabilities.

2021-05-27 - Susan Nordyk

Three-axis linear accelerometer optimizes resolution and power consumption

A three-axis linear accelerometer, ST's AIS2IH switches between its five operating modes on-the-fly to optimize resolution and power consumption.

2021-05-21 - Steve Taranovich

Sneak peek into the best memristors of 2021

Here is a sneak peek into the most prominent MEMS devices incorporated into designs to bridge the gap between analog…

2021-05-07 - Susan Nordyk

Automotive-grade MEMS microphones enhance in-cabin audio

Automotive-grade SiSonic MEMS microphones from Knowles enhance hands-free calling, voice assistance, and noise cancellation.

2021-04-13 - Majeed Ahmad

How MEMS microphones work

MEMS microphones boast a reliable monolithic structure and far more compact form factor, which significantly lowers mechanical vibration, power consumption,…