2020-06-05 - Gina Roos

DARPA programs: Advancing technology from quantum computing to passive 3D sensors

Despite the challenges posed by Covid-19, the U.S. DARPA continues to work on advancing technologies and new programs. Let's look…

2017-07-28 - Pasternack

Waveguides shift phase from 0-180 degrees

The waveguide phase shifters provide a frequency range of 18GHz–110GHz over seven bands.

2017-07-25 - Databeans

Military, aerospace IC markets grow by 8%

This booming market condition for 2017 is due to increased military spending and 14% growth in the satellite market.

2017-06-06 - Arizona State University

Robot design gets tips from sea turtles

Arizona State University's turtle-bot takes a page from nature on how to navigate different types of terrain.

2017-04-20 - EDN Asia

COMX modules bring processors to COTS form factor

The COMX-T2081 and COMX-T1042 modules are designed to operate in harsh environments, according to Artesyn.

2016-09-22 - Graham Prophet

GaN HEMT for L-band radar delivers 800W pulse power

The CGHV14800 GaN HEMT features high efficiency, high gain and wide bandwidth capabilities, which suits it for L-Band radar amplifier…