2021-05-12 - Giovanni D'Amore

Millimeter-wave technology turbocharging the information age

The use cases of mmWave technology in multi-gigabit connectivity, high-throughput satellite, automotive radar, and extended reality.

2020-07-27 - Cadence, UMC

Cadence and UMC certify mmWave reference flow on 28HPC+ process

Collaboration enables customers to utilize Cadence RF solutions to design 5G, IoT and automotive applications on UMC’s 28nm process technology...

2019-09-10 - M. Di Paolo Emilio

Radar sensors for Automotive

Capable of supporting a range of new features and functions, 77 GHz automotive radar systems have a promising future.

2019-06-27 - Majeed Ahmad

Making 5G mmWave a Reality for Smartphones

The launch of the 5G handset duo is a testament that mmWave communications is for real and it’s affordable as…

2019-04-10 - Dave Royer

60GHz mmWave moving into the mainstream

Although 60GHz millimeter wave (mmWave) technology has historically seen its greatest use in military and scientific...

2019-03-13 - Brian Santo

Movandi aims to aim 5G better

The company’s new product is a module designed to boost and direct mmWave 5G signals, improving the coverage of 5G…

2018-12-19 - Keysight

Don’t Sacrifice the Benefits of mmWave Equipment

By missing the basics

2018-06-20 - Marc Wingender, Roman Pilard, Julien Duvernay, Teledyne e2v

Design Secrets Behind the World’s First K-Band DAC

This article covers specific design choices in the creation of the world’s first K-band data converter, the EV12DS460A, explaining that…

2017-09-16 - Brian Santo

Movandi optimizes mmWave 5G front ends

Sibling entrepreneurs are taking on Intel and Qualcomm with an RF front end that optimizes everything from the constituent parts…