2023-05-11 - Marisol Cabrera, Tomas Hudson, and Marlon Eguia, Monolithic Power Systems

Predictive transient simulation analysis for the GPUs

Here is how to use the SIMPLIS simulator to predict and optimize the behavior of power supplies for the next…

2022-12-05 - Carmine Fiore and Serge Reymond, Monolithic Power Systems

Resolution explained for magnetic angle sensors

Here is how to meaningfully define resolution and bandwidth, determining factors in magnetic position sensor performance.

2022-02-21 - Tomas Hudson and Cristian Pineda, Monolithic Power Systems

A comparison of interleaved boost and totem-pole PFC topologies

Three topologies are commonly used in power supply designs: Interleaved boost PFC, bridgeless totem-pole PFC and interleaved totem-pole PFC.