2017-08-08 - Tucsen

Tucsen develops 95% QE sCMOS camera

The company is planning to launch the Dhyana 400BSI in a 1.2-inch chip package and offer 4MP images on standard…

2017-08-08 - National Instruments

PXI module delivers 2.3GB/s data throughput

The PXIe-8301 offers PCI Express Gen 3 connectivity through two Thunderbolt 3 ports to maximise performance.

2017-08-08 - IDC

New Zealand leads the pack in smart city race

For the second straight year, New Zealand and Singapore have received the highest tally in IDC's Smart City Asia Pacific…

2017-08-07 - Keysight Technologies

Test platform covers complete cellular, Wi-Fi system

The T5510S emulation system provides simultaneous cellular and Wi-Fi cellular signalling tests, including full protocol stack, from layer 1 to…

2017-08-07 - Xenoma

E-skin shirt allows camera-free motion tracking

The shirt eases AR/VR content creation with its 14 strain sensors and the Hub, which has a 6-axis accelerometer and…

2017-08-04 - Vanderbilt University

Monolayer process enables dual-function devices

The triangular pattern formed by the 2D material chalcogenide can help create multifunctional devices.

2017-08-03 - Panasonic

Sensors detect driver drowsiness

Panasonic's technology detects and predicts a driver's drowsiness using non-contact measurement of blinking features and facial expressions.

2017-08-02 - National Instruments

NI’s MIMO framework adds antenna UE support

NI's MIMO Application Framework will now include multiple antenna user equipment (UE) support for 5G research and deployment.

2017-08-02 - Toshiba

20V MOSFETs offer low on-resistance specs

The SOT-23F MOSFETs are suitable for power supply distribution or for lowering the power consumption in power supply controls for…

2017-08-01 - Microsemi

Tamba Ethernet MAC pushes Microsemi FPGA bandwidth

Microsemi’s PolarFire FPGAs incorporate Tamba Networks' Ethernet MAC to increase bandwidth, while reducing capital and operational expenditures.