2017-07-31 - KAIST

Device senses breath for disease diagnosis

A KAIST team has developed diagnostic sensors using protein-encapsulated nanocatalysts to detect changes in exhaled breath components for early diagnosis…

2017-07-31 - Arizona State University

RNA circuits induce cells to carry out computations

The circuit designs, which resemble conventional electronic circuits, self-assemble in bacterial cells, allowing them to sense incoming messages and respond…

2017-07-28 - Murata

Y1 class cap suits low-profile designs

Murata's ceramic surface mount type IEC 60384-14*1 Y1*2 class safety certified capacitor is targeted at applications where low profile is…

2017-07-28 - Pasternack

Waveguides shift phase from 0-180 degrees

The waveguide phase shifters provide a frequency range of 18GHz–110GHz over seven bands.

2017-07-28 - Imagination Technologies

Imagination updates CPU teaching material

The comprehensive set of materials aims to provide students with all the necessary tools to learn about computer architecture.

2017-07-27 - Martin Rowe

Thermocouple data logger offers 16 inputs

The WebDAQ-316 from Measurement Computing measures temperature on as many as 16 J, K, T, E, N, B, R or…

2017-07-26 - Toshiba

Toshiba develops BiCS FLASH 3D flash memory

The BiCS FLASH with TSV technology targets storage applications that require low latency, high bandwidth and high IOPS/Watt.

2017-07-25 - Databeans

Military, aerospace IC markets grow by 8%

This booming market condition for 2017 is due to increased military spending and 14% growth in the satellite market.

2017-07-24 - Rohde & Schwarz

R&S verifies test solution for A-BeiDou LBS

The Rohde & Schwarz test equipment enables mobile manufacturers and network operators to verify that chipsets and mobile devices will…

2017-07-24 - EDN Asia

Toyota, BMW join $159M funding for start-up Nauto

The investment will be used to deploy its retrofit safety and networking system into more vehicles worldwide, according to the…